Why I started this blog

Hi folks,

The idea for this blog was originally conceived in the midst of a job search. I had recently graduated from Georgetown University with an MA in Conflict Resolution and had been searching for jobs for a few months at that point.

Now I think its important to note that I had gone to grad school because I couldn’t find a job after obtaining my bachelor’s degree in 2011. At the time, the job market in the international relations field was terrible. The recession that started in 2008 had essentially pushed most young professionals down a rung on the job ladder. It seemed that people with graduate degrees were settling for jobs that were traditionally taken by students with a BA like Program Assistant/Associate or Research Analyst. And what about the people with the BAs? Lets just say that the unpaid internship market did not seem to be affected by global economic woes. More than ever people were looking for cheap labor. And by cheap I mean free.

I had done internships throughout college and it was a great experience while I was a student. However, when I took on a full-time unpaid internship after college, that’s when I decided that essentially paying to go to work was simply not working for me and that I needed to get a Master’s in order to be taken seriously on the job market.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014 and… Still no job! Kind of a let down. After going through 2 years of grad school, I thought I was set. But no luck. I and several of my also recently graduated colleagues where I worked were getting very nervous. We all had expiring part-time contracts at the end of the summer and none of us had found full time employment. After sharing our frustrations with one another, I joked, “we should create our own consulting company, and then we would have jobs!” While the joke got some laughs, an idea began to form in my head. A big problem we were facing was exposure. So many brilliant people were applying for the same jobs, there had to be a way to stand out.

A lot of employers seemed to be attracted to candidates who had published something, either in an academic journal, in a newspaper, or were good at blogging. I mean who wouldn’t? Having those writing credentials demonstrated to employers that you had solid writing skills and creative ideas that some really smart people liked enough to share in their space.

While I didn’t have any publications to my name (at least not yet!), I certainly could showcase my talent on a blog. And what about my friends? They’re also brilliant, they should be able to showcase their analytical skills as well! They should blog too! Wait, why don’t we all blog together!!! That was when I decided I wanted to make something more than just a personal blog. I wanted to create a space that gave exposure to up and coming young professionals in the International Relations field where they could showcase their talents and hopefully provide new insight and analysis to various international topics.

Ramen IR was born! It’s a place where young professionals on diets consisting of ramen and coffee (cuz we’re poor and we can’t afford anything else in case you didn’t get that point) could help solve the world’s problems one blog post and analysis paper at a time all the while showcasing their awesome writing and analytical abilities to future employers.

So thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog!


Scott Lassan

PS: Please hire us!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo by SoHome Jacaranda Lilau (public domain)


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