Analysis Paper: Tools for Trouncing Terrorism

Several tools have been developed in the attempt to eliminate terrorism around the world. Such tools range from security, development, financial, and legal measures, each ranging in effectiveness. This analysis paper assesses the effects of each measure and its impact on countering terrorism. Several conclusions can be drawn through the study of tools to eliminate terrorism. While many countries have tended to rely on hard security measures in an attempt to curb terrorism, evidence suggests that it is not necessarily effective. Military action and the potential use of excessive force in densely populated areas may increase public support for the group while assassinating the leadership may turn the heads of organizations into popular martyrs. Development has been used a means to counter violent extremism by attempting to eliminate root causes of dissatisfaction and anger amongst a population. However, the jury is still out on whether or not development projects can reduce the power of terrorist organizations. Other means such as legal action and economic sanctions can have positive effects, but only if they are combined with another tool as they themselves are strong enough to completely eliminate a terrorist group.

You may read the paper here: Tools for Trouncing Terrorism


Photo by James Tourtellotte (Photo is in the public domain and has been modified)


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