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Pricing Ebola: Risk in an Age of Fear

Fear may cause up to 90% of Ebola’s economic toll, with devastating effects on poverty alleviation and state stability. Markets can help.

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Rational Negotiating and Iran: Why We Won’t Have a Nuclear Deal on November 24th

Over the past year, the discussion surrounding Iran’s nuclear program has shifted from unequivocal distrust to hopeful rationalism. Some critics, like Ray Takeyh or Dennis Ross, have remained skeptical, urging the P5+1, the group of six countries negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program, to maintain pressure on Iran, blaming the clerics for subjecting Iranians to economic hardship for the

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Analysis Paper- A Shift in Pakistani Civil-Military Relations: Factors That Led to the Successful 2013 Civilian Transition of Power

The path of civil-military relations has been tumultuous for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Since the country’s founding in 1947, Pakistan has faced several military coups and alternated between civilian and military regimes. A transition between civilian governments occurred in May 2013, however, a momentous occasion in the country’s civil-military relations given Pakistan’s history of military intervention in politics. Although

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Analysis Paper- Iraq: The War on the Ground

War is often justified and fought within the context of national security – the security of the state. The 2003 US intervention in Iraq is seldom different. The true cost of war and violence, however, is measured in the human context – on the individual level. This analysis paper re-examines the US intervention and occupation of Iraq through the seven

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