Monthly Archives: July 2015

Cognitive Dissonance: US Foreign vs. Domestic Policy

America possesses a moral vision of how to shape a better world – one rooted in liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness – yet this vision is consistently ignored, disregarded, or simply contradicted at home.

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Should I Join the Military to Advance My Career?

Military service, whether officer or enlisted, is not for everyone, nor should it. But, for those considering military service to advance your careers in the security/intelligence/policy field, I offer you three pieces of advice.

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Is the ICC Still Relevant? It Depends Who You Ask

There is evidence that when the accused have significant political power, as in Kenya, or are able to avoid arrest, as in Uganda, the ICC disappoints both critics and victims with its inability to effectively carry out prosecution. However, these failings do not mean that the Court itself is a failure.

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