Monthly Archives: September 2015

China Is Attacking Its Muslim Population Without Global Outrage – Why?

What is most striking about this situation, however, is the lack of condemnation or even simply a reaction from the outside world, in particular from Muslim countries.

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Why The United States Needs Cuba To Defuse the Venezuelan Crisis

Asking Cuba to use its influence to persuade Maduro to allow the Venezuelan elections to go forward and to step down thereafter could result in a peaceful, democratic transition and the restoration of economic stability to a troubled people.

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What Its Like to Serve in the Peace Corps: Patience, Failures and the Weird

Apart from perpetually winning all barroom bets on “weirdest thing ever eaten” and “longest time without a shower” the Peace Corps can offer a powerful launch-pad for budding young international specialists, a two-year respite for those getting cabin fever in their fluorescent lit cubicle, or even a great way to switch careers or begin retired life.

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