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Partition in Iraq: A Way to Break Up the Fight?

With Iraq descending deeper into sectarian bloodshed, politicians and foreign policy experts alike have proposed partition as a solution.

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Obama’s Hannover Visit Is About Way More Than Trade

TTIP, should it eventually pass, would not only spur economic growth but would also send a positive message about the transatlantic relationship whose role as a global bedrock has been muddled in recent years.

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Nord Stream II: Another Threat to the EU’s Fragile Unity

With a letter signed by eight EU governments objecting to Nord Stream II being delivered to Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, last month, it is clear that cleavages between member states are set to continue to hinder the EU’s progress towards “Energy Union” and serve as an additional challenge to the EU’s fragile unity which is already beset by the refugee crisis and the looming possibility of Brexit.

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