Cup of News – May 3, 2017

The following is the first edition of a new product from Ramen IR – Cup of News.

Ramen IR staff will curate the very best writing and policy analysis on global affairs for your consumption every Wednesday and Friday. Cup of News can be your one-stop-shop for staying apprised of global affairs in a quick albeit through way. Enjoy!

  • Charles Johnson – Editor-in-Chief, Ramen IR


cropped-ka3ole9d.pngThe US Government’s Funding Bill is a Blow to President Trump’s Worldview, Sana Ali 

Ramen IR’s Sana Ali delivers rapid and erudite analysis on the funding bill up for consideration in the United States. Initially the Trump administration planned a massive rollback of US foreign aid spending, but the notion was consequentially reversed in the funding bill, along with a wide aray of domestic non-defense spending.



Sc95105650157c713327f3e2bc247b1ffeven Theories on L’affaire Russe, Lawfare 

Lawfare’s writers deliver a comprehensive update on all the developments known publicly so far in the ongoing story of the Trump campaign and it’s connections to Russia. The writing team deliver a comprehensive list of seven possible realities that will come to fruition from the ongoing FBI investigation of the campaign



xU84imMR10 Things You Should Know About the Current Crisis in Venezuela, Dany Bahar and Harold Trinkunas, Brookings 

The Brookings institution offers critical background and a primer on what is causing the ongoing unrest in Venezuela. The authors detail how the opposition has organized around and centered their efforts on the street marches in Carasas, vowing not to leave the streets until political prisoners are released and humanitarian aid is catalyzed.



Better Late Than Never: How the EU Should Respond to Victor Orban’s Illibrealism, Zsuzsanna Vegh, European Council on Foreign Relations

President of Hungary, Victor Orban has long since been the poster boy of European illiberalism. This piece discusses whether or not the EU’s article 7 (which would suspend Hungary’s EU voting rights as an accountability mechanism for rights violations) is an appropriate push-back to a Hungary that Freedom House now considered a ” semi-consolidated democracy”



China’s Corruption Clampdown Risks Policy Paralysis, Daniel Bell, Financial Times

In a seemingly paradoxical analysis, Daniel Bell shows how in China’s bureaucracy and state infrastructure, fear of sticking one’s head up too high to be lobbed off is stifling innovation and leaving the country’s government ill-equipped to meet the demands of a globalizing and innovation-driven world.



Top photo via Flickr, Bark


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