Cup of News – May 5th, 2017


336c71CQEurope’s New Hope, Daniel Gros, Project Syndicate

Looking at what  Macron presidency of France and what it would mean for the European experiment, Daniel Gros says “a more stable EU could begin to make much faster progress toward unity and integration.” This of course is predicated on a defeat of populist, far right, candidate Marine Le Pen in the French election this weekend.



xU84imMR What Would US Cuts to the UN Look Like? John McArthur and Krista Rasmussen, Brookings

President Trump has promised an “America First” orientation to his foreign and domestic policy. This leaves many to suggest that he could cut or dramatically draw back funding to the United Nations. This article offers itself as a primer on what a UN without the $10 billion of American funding looks like.



mUbM-DPs Iran’s Next Supreme LeaderSanam Vakil and Hossein Rassam, Foreign Affairs 

Iran is at a crossroads with its upcoming presidential election, and its endeavor to find its place in the world post-Obama administration and post-sanctions. Once everyone’s geopolitical top-line, now Iran is often overshadowed by larger events like a burgeoning crisis on the Korean peninsula, but it remains nonetheless relevant today.



_KnSOqm1 Kosovo Needs a New BeginningKadri Veseli, Euractiv 

“Young people in my country, but also across the rest of the Balkans are exactly the same as young people across Europe – increasingly frustrated with the inequalities and lack of opportunities” writes the speaker of the Kosovar Parliament, in an argument for a refreshed look at the Berlin Process underwriting the sovereignty of Kosovo.



V4Pymmqz Turkey’s Accelerated Drift From EuropeSebnem Arsu, The EU Observer 

Turkey’s refferendum, and ongoing draconian effort to purge its public institutions of participants in the failed 2016 coup d’etat have all but divorced the country from its aspirations for European integration. “And as for strategic alliances, Ankara, especially in meetings with Russia and China, signals that Europe is not the only option.” writes Sebnem Arsu



Top photo via Flickr, Bark


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