Cup of News – May 12, 2017


How to Revive TTIP, Anthony Gardner, Politico Europe

“We need to treat TTIP like a political campaign, not just a trade negotiation. Simple falsehoods peddled on social media trump complex truths, especially when these truths are packaged as dry studies” writes the former American ambassador to the European Union in this comprehensive argument for more open Transatlantic trade



s8xmWAvU.jpg Afghanistan First? Trump Mulls a Mini Surge for America’s Longest War, Alex Ward, Vox 

President Trump’s top military and security aides have suggested he send thousands more troops to Afghanistan. The region is quickly becoming a proxy for all things relevant in global security with Russia arming the Taliban, President Trump dropping the MOAB on ISIS, and NATO trying to rectify the longest military commitment in the alliance’s history.



a09c1fa8919c0ef8b57a4b9ebbd1ab17 Mini-Hizballahs, Revolutionary Guard Knock-Offs, and the Future, of Iran’s Militant Proxies in Iraq and , War on the Rocks 

Iran has run military proxies in Iraq for well over a decade, but as the battle against ISIS reaches new and perhaps finals phases, these groups are at a turning point. The authors explore the continued relevance (or not) of these militia, as well as the political implications of who will control the extraction and flow of the region’s oil.



GXv25iue.png The Annexation of Crimea Isn’t Going as Planned, Lily Hyde, Foreign Policy 

Russia invaded and annexed Crimea under the notion of protecting Russian-speakers on the peninsula, but what about the region’s Muslim Tatar minority? This piece details what life is like in Crimea for those who are marginalized, and have little or no rule of law to back them, sometimes resulting in seldom-reported unrest.




NATO Chief Find a New Friend in Trump, Matthias Gebauer and Pete Muller, Der Spiegel

Now that the U.S. President says that the NATO alliance is “no longer obsolete” he has found some new friends on the European continent. There is still large consternation across the ocean about levels of defense spending, but all eyes will be on the NATO leaders summit later this month which will be the punctuation on President Trump’s first foreign trip.






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