Cup of News – May 21, 2017


336c71CQGermany Will Lose if Macron Fails, Hanz-Helmut KotzProject Syndicate

“If Germany and Macron don’t find common ground, the costs to both will be massive.” Project Syndicate presents an informative analysis piece discussing future relations between the German and French economies. Germans are critical of Macron’s proposed economic plan, which embraces eurozone federalism.

GXv25iueYet Another Presidential Corruption Scandal in Brazil, Emily Tamkin, Foreign Policy

Not even a year after Brazil’s presidential impeachment due to corruption allegations, a new scandal has arisen. Author, Emily Tamkin gives an overview of the current undergoing investigation into Brazil’s president Michel Temer after allegations of another possible financial scandal have surfaced.


dzDQECyqGreek debt drama’s coming to a close (well, maybe)Johanna TreeckPolitico EU

“Last week, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Greece is ‘closer than ever’ to reaching a deal on debt relief. ‘The solution has to do mainly with our lenders’ clear obligation. The ball is no longer in our court.’” Politico EU author Johanna Treeck discusses how economic activity is looking to pick back up in Greece, given that Greece and its creditors can come to an agreement on a debt relief solution.


1GC9l3r6The Downfall of ChechnyaKamran BokhariGeopolitical Futures

“The delicate peace in Chechnya could be upended if serious challenges to Kadyrov’s authority were to emerge.” President Kadyrov’s political influence and reach has come to a final climactic crescendo within the Chechnyan Government and has put the Russian Government in the position of political scrutiny. Geopolitical Futures author, Kamran Bokhari offers an insight to Russia’s political plunder and Chechnya’s future.



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