Cup of News – June 10th, 2017

After discussion with the Ramen IR staff, we have decided to make Cup of News a weekly endeavor rather than two products per week. We feel it is more in the spirit of the goals of the website to take a more in-depth look at the week’s news after the best analysts have had time to digest events. Furthermore, Ramen IR is a website run by young professionals and students who have a myriad of other obligations. We appreciate the patience as we figure out the best way to deliver our readers the best information on global affairs. 


Charles Johnson, Editor-in-Chief. 




America Alone on the Even of the President’s First Crisis, Charles Johnson and Matthew Brewer, Ramen IR

Ramen IR staff take a look at President Trump’s trip to Europe two weeks on in the face of domestic and foreign crises. The bridges burnt by the United States at the NATO and G-7 summits may prove to be damming to the country’s ability to mitigate crises. What should have been an easy win for the president turned out to be perhaps his most dramatic unforced error yet when it comes to legitimate international crises.


bKZ2uPHZMay’s Catastrophic Result Clouds UK’s Future, Jorg Schindler, Der Spiegel 

UK Prime Minister Theresa May took a massive gamble by calling for elections this week in an attempt to consolidate her position before the Brexit negotiations begin with the EU. The plan backfired catastrophically, and her Conservative Party lost its majority. Even worse, no party won an outright majority and the country is left with a hung parliament. Jorg Schindler details the uncertain future of UK politics as they scramble to assemble a minority government just days before negotiations with the EU begin.


336c71CQCan Macron Redraw the Political Map? Kemal Dervis and Caroline Conroy, Project Syndicate

Fans of Western Liberalism, globalism, and multi-national projects have invested much of their support in new French President Emmanuel Macron to return relevancy to the European project. Kemal and Caroline write that, “Macron will not be playing defense with respect to Europe. He has made his full commitment to the European project well known, and an important section of the French population seems to be standing with him. Unlike many of his opponents in the election, Macron sees Europe as a source of solutions, not problems.”


xU84imMRISIS Attacks Iran and Accusations Fly, Suzanne Maloney, The Brookings Institution 

This week an attack later claimed by the self-styled Islamic State hit Iran Parliament and the Supreme Leader’s mausoleum. Iran immediately implicated Saudi Arabia highlighting what has been a years-long proxy war between the Sunni and Shia powers in the region. Suzanne Maloney writes, “The attacks cast a decidedly more ominous tone on the beginning of Rouhani’s second term…  Iran is now confronted with an increasingly grave regional crisis with no readily available pathway for resolution or de-escalation”


c760ce89eab8d228752f400488182b4fAn Isolated Cuba Will Not be a Free Cuba, Bonnie Kristian, RealClearWorld

A rapprochement with Cuba was one of the last major goals of the Obama administration, but the current Trump administration has hinted at returning to isolating the Caribbean state. Bonnie writes that, “The best way for the Trump administration to pursue its stated goal of a liberated Cuba is to get Washington out of the way and let the American people travel and trade with our Cuban neighbors at will. Engagement, not isolation, is how we water the Cuban seedling of liberty.”



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