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Burundi: Better the Devil You Know?

Nkurunziza’s third term poses an awkward question for observers. Would we rather see Burundi go the way of Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, intact but bankrupt in every sense, or shattered into pieces like Libya and the DRC?

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Perpetual Conflicts: The New Face of Violence

Tragically, modern conflicts no longer end; they are caught in a perpetual cycle of enormous illicit profits, superficial interventions, and endemic violence.

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The Media’s Impact on Ebola

Ebola has swept West Africa since first killing 23 Guineans in March 2014, stirring a sensationalist frenzy across the media, local populations, and the international community. Hospitals have closed, local health care workers have gone on strike, and aid workers have been attacked. The pandemonium generated by public fear has facilitated the disease’s spread, and can be partially blamed on

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Reassessing the Intervention Brigade in the DRC

In November 2013 one of the main rebel groups fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), M23, surrendered after a year and a h­alf of successful combat against Congolese and United Nations forces. The M23 rebel group had captured the city of Goma earlier in the year and posed a major threat to the international forces that had been

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