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The Role of Political Satire and Technology in the Liberalization of Egypt: The Case of Bassem Youssef

New Analysis Paper: Bassem Youssef serves as a model for the potential that technology and humor hold in changing the domestic dynamics of Egypt and other countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Resetting European Policy towards the South: Why the European Neighbourhood Policy Review Needs to Address the Essential Questions

While initially aimed at building a “ring of friends” through its Neighbourhood Policy, the past year in particular has revealed severe limitations and shortcomings of EU foreign policy towards its surrounding regions.

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The Middle East Proxy War You Didn’t Know About

In August, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt carried out a series of secret airstrikes within Libya with the purpose of slowing down the advance of Islamist militias in Tripoli, specifically seeking to prevent them from taking over the international airport. The attacks caught the rest of the world by surprise, particularly the United States, who claimed that the

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