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Can Middle Eastern and Post-Soviet Powers Survive on $30 Oil?

The relevant question for the big men from Moscow to Riyadh in 2016 is: can their countries survive in a world of such low oil prices?

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Russia Could Easily Change the Game in Syria – For Better or for Worse

Put simply, Assad needs reinforcements, ones from a modern, mechanized military. Putin and Assad have apparently reached an agreement to make this happen.

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Rational Negotiating and Iran: Why We Won’t Have a Nuclear Deal on November 24th

Over the past year, the discussion surrounding Iran’s nuclear program has shifted from unequivocal distrust to hopeful rationalism. Some critics, like Ray Takeyh or Dennis Ross, have remained skeptical, urging the P5+1, the group of six countries negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program, to maintain pressure on Iran, blaming the clerics for subjecting Iranians to economic hardship for the

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