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The Panama Papers Have Their Day of Reckoning in Pakistan

In its 70-year history, Pakistan’s Prime Ministers, for one reason or the other, cannot seem to finish their elected term.

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ISIS in Pakistan?

Recent reports from Pakistani cities of ISIS insignia-laden paraphernalia, graffiti, and even recruiters have raised alarm bells and growing concern that the radical pseudo-state may be reaching its tentacles across Asia and into Pakistan

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Analysis Paper- A Shift in Pakistani Civil-Military Relations: Factors That Led to the Successful 2013 Civilian Transition of Power

The path of civil-military relations has been tumultuous for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Since the country’s founding in 1947, Pakistan has faced several military coups and alternated between civilian and military regimes. A transition between civilian governments occurred in May 2013, however, a momentous occasion in the country’s civil-military relations given Pakistan’s history of military intervention in politics. Although

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The Fight in North Waziristan

There’s a war going on between Islamist militants and a key US ally with support from American drones, but it isn’t occurring in Syria. This conflict comes on the heels of long-term Western military operations and nation-building that have yielded questionable results despite years of political, military, and economic support, but it isn’t in Iraq. The militants deploy ruthless tactics:

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Pakistan’s Protests – What they Mean and Why they Matter

One could be forgiven for missing the most recent bit of troubling news out of Pakistan these last few weeks, what with the national media’s eye currently trained on ISIS’ horrific advance through Syria and Iraq. Led by the celebrity-turned politician Imran Khan and the Pakistani-Canadian cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri, thousands of demonstrators have occupied central Islamabad for the past several weeks

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