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G-20 Week Part 1: An Unnecessarily Relevant Summit That Lacked Leadership  

For the members of the G-20 to practice what the communiques preach, they would have to fundamentally shift their approach to domestic policy for the greater good. A leaderless G-20 will never do such a thing.

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Russia’s Rubber Ducks Hint at a Political Alternative.

Those who hit the streets may have learned something important: If there is organization among Russian liberals around things they care about, but things that are expendable to the president, there just might be room for a political alternative under Putin.

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An Incompetent White House is Russia’s Greatest Global Opportunity in 100 Years

With President Trump’s inner circle seemingly deeply connected to Russian interests, coupled with its own incompetence on some of the most basic activities of government, Russia has the opportunity to further fill the void in global leadership caused by Western liberalism scrambling for a new leader.

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