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Attacking ISIS’s Leadership: Short Term Gain for Long Term Pain?

In order to determine whether or not targeted killings can weaken and/or defeat a terrorist organization like ISIS, it’s important to look at previous cases when the US and/or other countries eliminated terrorist leaders.

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Perpetual Conflicts: The New Face of Violence

Tragically, modern conflicts no longer end; they are caught in a perpetual cycle of enormous illicit profits, superficial interventions, and endemic violence.

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The Crisis in Yemen Part 2: Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Last week, members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) seized control of the Al`Adayn directorate in Yemen’s southern Ibb governorate after violent clashes with Houthi rebels in central Yemen. The Houthis, discussed in Part I of our series on Yemen, have recently rapidly expanded their territory, seizing control of the capital at the end of September, forcing the Prime

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The Crisis in Yemen Part 1: The Houthis Win Big

As the world focuses on the fighting in Iraq and Syria against ISIS and the current Ebola epidemic originating in West Africa, many crises around the world have gone completely under the radar. In recent weeks we here at Ramen IR have made an effort to bring some of these underreported issues to the attention of our readers. We’ve written

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