Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you name an international affairs website after ramen noodles?

Yes, as our logo suggests, Ramen does refer to that delicious and cheap bowl of noodles. So why is Ramen used for your site you ask?

Two reasons. The first is that ramen has become a symbol of students and young professionals living on a budget. Given the fact that many of our writers subsist on such a diet right now, we felt that it was a fitting symbol.

Secondly, while ramen at its base is a simple dish, it can have more ingredients/details added for those who want a more refined taste, just like our articles! We like to think our articles are simple and digestible (please excuse the pun) for the casual reader but have rich details and analysis that can provide a lively discussion in foreign policy circles.

What’s the difference between staff and guest contributors?

Staff writers produce regular content (one article per month) and help out in other aspects of Ramen IR. We also have editors on the team who edit articles from both staff contributors and guest contributors.

Guest contributors are writers who write for Ramen IR on occasion. Some authors may have simply written one article while others may write on a semi-regular basis.

How do I become a staff member?

If you are interested in becoming a staff writer, please send us an email at ramenirblog@gmail.com expressing your interest. We typically recommend all potential writers start as a guest contributor. That way, the writer can get a better understanding of the time commitment involved in producing one article and the editors can determine whether or not a writer is a good fit for Ramen IR.

Are staff members paid?

No. All staff members are volunteers.

More FAQs answered soon