Founder’s Page

Scott Lassan is the Founder of Ramen IR and served as its first Editor-in-Chief from 2014-2017. After completing his graduate studies, Scott founded Ramen IR as a means for young professionals and graduate students to provide strong and succinct analysis in international affairs and US foreign policy. The wide variety of articles and papers published serve both as a well-researched resource for those in international affairs and national security, and also as a portfolio for the writers who can present their works to prospective employers and showcase their analytical skills.

Scott previously worked as a contractor for the US Agency for International Development with the Office of Policy Planning, and Learning. Prior work experience also includes the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, the US Institute of Peace, Georgetown University, and the Asia Society. His professional foci include the conflicts in Afghanistan/Pakistan and Syria/Iraq as well as security and development issues in Sub-Saharan Africa. Scott received his MA in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University where he focused on stability operations and human security. He received his BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley. His Twitter is @ScottLassan