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The Price of Fear

The hard truth is that America, as a society and as a nation, has allowed its policies and security to be dictated by terrorist groups like al-Qaeda.

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ISIS in Pakistan?

Recent reports from Pakistani cities of ISIS insignia-laden paraphernalia, graffiti, and even recruiters have raised alarm bells and growing concern that the radical pseudo-state may be reaching its tentacles across Asia and into Pakistan

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The Crisis in Yemen Part 2: Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Last week, members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) seized control of the Al`Adayn directorate in Yemen’s southern Ibb governorate after violent clashes with Houthi rebels in central Yemen. The Houthis, discussed in Part I of our series on Yemen, have recently rapidly expanded their territory, seizing control of the capital at the end of September, forcing the Prime

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