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The American Media Remains Uncharacteristically Quiet on the Brexit Debate

Because of the lack of media attention, Americans are less likely to understand the downside of Britain’s potential departure from the European Union.

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Obama’s Hannover Visit Is About Way More Than Trade

TTIP, should it eventually pass, would not only spur economic growth but would also send a positive message about the transatlantic relationship whose role as a global bedrock has been muddled in recent years.

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Destined For Failure: Why the War in Ukraine Will Not Be Solved This Week

On Wednesday, Germany and France will lead what Angela Merkel is calling “one further attempt” to bring the war in Eastern Ukraine to a diplomatic end. Yet this particular round of negotiations, much like its September 2014 predecessor that led to the signing of the Minsk Protocol, might be destined to fail before it even begins.

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The Key to Eliminating ISIS

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is creating a new state in the Middle East, one that shatters internationally recognized borders and has no qualms about providing a haven for terrorist groups and sending radicalized westerners back to their home countries to wreak havoc. If given the time to establish themselves, ISIS (also know as the Islamic State

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