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The Balkans and the Refugees Crisis: More than Just a Bypass

Tensions have risen between EU leaders disputing appropriate responses to the refugee and migrant crisis, exposing the EU’s weaknesses and its lack of coordination capacities in guiding the Balkan states who often suffer from migration waves of their own.

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A Living Hell: The Calais Camp

Piles of burning rubbish, overflowing portable toilets, contaminated water, rat infestations, and more than 6,000 refugees and migrants squatting in decrepit tents. Welcome to Calais, France, the self-proclaimed “Country of Human Rights.”

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Long-Term Effects of the Syrian Refugee Crisis: The Emergence of an Invisible Generation

Criticism of Europe’s response to the refugee crisis has been centered on the lack of European solidarity and the unwillingness of states to accept an adequate number of asylum-seekers. But due to gaps in nationality laws and inadequate EU legal safeguards, there is another crisis following close behind that could cripple a generation to come.

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