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G-20 Week Part 3: G20 Exposes Lack of Will to Solve Migration Crisis

A series of major summits have come and gone and the problem of migration persists. Until the European Union and groups such as the G20 or G7 commit to real and immediate policy changes, ad hoc deal-making will remain the norm.

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Scott Lassan co-writes article “Children of Syria” in Huffington Post

Hi everyone, I recently had the huge honor of co-writing an article in the Huffington Post with the amazing Hind Kabawat, a Syrian-Canadian activist who conducts works with Syrian refugees all over the Middle East. The article “Children of Syria” looks at how Syrian youth are becoming targets for terrorist recruitment. “Teenagers joining extremist groups are a growing sign of the desperation

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Analysis Paper: A Human Security Analysis of Nigeria

This analytical paper conducts a human security analysis of Nigeria in order to understand why there is so much violence in the country. It determines that various threats to human security in the country affect to varying degrees three subnational conflicts: a religiously motivated insurgency fought by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria, community violence sparked by resource and land competition

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