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Rational Negotiating and Iran: Why We Won’t Have a Nuclear Deal on November 24th

Over the past year, the discussion surrounding Iran’s nuclear program has shifted from unequivocal distrust to hopeful rationalism. Some critics, like Ray Takeyh or Dennis Ross, have remained skeptical, urging the P5+1, the group of six countries negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program, to maintain pressure on Iran, blaming the clerics for subjecting Iranians to economic hardship for the

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The Crisis in Yemen Part 1: The Houthis Win Big

As the world focuses on the fighting in Iraq and Syria against ISIS and the current Ebola epidemic originating in West Africa, many crises around the world have gone completely under the radar. In recent weeks we here at Ramen IR have made an effort to bring some of these underreported issues to the attention of our readers. We’ve written

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