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Turkish Crossroads: The Kurdish Question

Regional power plays, a historic peace agreement, and a new vision for Turkish foreign policy all rest in the fate of Kobani.

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Getting It Right: Why the US Needs to Shift Its Syrian Priorities to Assad

Horrible. Tragic. Heartbreaking. There are many words that could describe the massive violence that has engulfed Syria since March 2011 and claimed approximately 200,000 lives. And yet, the source of the conflict is still at large.

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The Crisis in Yemen Part 1: The Houthis Win Big

As the world focuses on the fighting in Iraq and Syria against ISIS and the current Ebola epidemic originating in West Africa, many crises around the world have gone completely under the radar. In recent weeks we here at Ramen IR have made an effort to bring some of these underreported issues to the attention of our readers. We’ve written

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The Middle East Proxy War You Didn’t Know About

In August, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt carried out a series of secret airstrikes within Libya with the purpose of slowing down the advance of Islamist militias in Tripoli, specifically seeking to prevent them from taking over the international airport. The attacks caught the rest of the world by surprise, particularly the United States, who claimed that the

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How the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Gets Funding

As the Islamic State (IS) continues to try and establish a Caliphate within Syria and Iraq, one must ask how IS has been able to afford fighting against Kurdish, Iraqi, Syrian, and American forces all the while maintaining a territory that spans approximately 81,000 square miles between the two countries. IS is now considered by many to be the richest

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US Air Action in Iraq: Why Now and Why Not Syria?

This week, the US finally took the gloves off and directly involved itself in the current fighting in Iraq when US warplanes bombed IS (Islamic State) targets near the city of Erbil. The US also airdropped humanitarian aid to civilians fleeing the advance of IS (also commonly referred to as ISIL and ISIS). While the move was welcomed by Iraqi

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Taking Away One Incentive To Bomb Gaza

On multiple occasions since hostilities have recommenced between Hamas and Israel in recent weeks, Israel has come under fire in the media and from the international community for striking U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) schools and facilities that housed refugees. The attacks on UN schools and facilities in Gaza by Israeli forces have been tragic but

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