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Burning Borno: Applying System Justification Theory to the Violence of Boko Haram

New Analysis Paper: Why would Boko Haram inflict the most pain on the very state that provides its center of operations, when its purported mission applies to the country as a whole? One can approach this question using System Justification Theory.

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Anti-Gay Legislation in Africa: A Closer Look

A three-day summit of more than 40 African leaders with the United States kicked off this week in Washington, and human rights activists are pressing the Obama administration to take this opportunity to address the rights of LGBT people. Out of the 76 countries in the world with explicit anti-gay laws (to put that into perspective, those 76 countries represent

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Analysis Paper: A Human Security Analysis of Nigeria

This analytical paper conducts a human security analysis of Nigeria in order to understand why there is so much violence in the country. It determines that various threats to human security in the country affect to varying degrees three subnational conflicts: a religiously motivated insurgency fought by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria, community violence sparked by resource and land competition

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