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G-20 Week Part 3: G20 Exposes Lack of Will to Solve Migration Crisis

A series of major summits have come and gone and the problem of migration persists. Until the European Union and groups such as the G20 or G7 commit to real and immediate policy changes, ad hoc deal-making will remain the norm.

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A Living Hell: The Calais Camp

Piles of burning rubbish, overflowing portable toilets, contaminated water, rat infestations, and more than 6,000 refugees and migrants squatting in decrepit tents. Welcome to Calais, France, the self-proclaimed “Country of Human Rights.”

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Long-Term Effects of the Syrian Refugee Crisis: The Emergence of an Invisible Generation

Criticism of Europe’s response to the refugee crisis has been centered on the lack of European solidarity and the unwillingness of states to accept an adequate number of asylum-seekers. But due to gaps in nationality laws and inadequate EU legal safeguards, there is another crisis following close behind that could cripple a generation to come.

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The Unaccompanied Minor Border Crisis and the Future of the Republican Party

Earlier this year, Congressional Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz wrote a piece for the Huffington Post titled “One Year Later, Same Old Party,” in which she explained the reasons why the Republican Party (GOP) had failed to attract and engage minority voters in the time leading up to the 2012 Presidential election. Wasserman Schultz’s analysis centered on the findings from the

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US Air Action in Iraq: Why Now and Why Not Syria?

This week, the US finally took the gloves off and directly involved itself in the current fighting in Iraq when US warplanes bombed IS (Islamic State) targets near the city of Erbil. The US also airdropped humanitarian aid to civilians fleeing the advance of IS (also commonly referred to as ISIL and ISIS). While the move was welcomed by Iraqi

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