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Cup of News – July 2nd, 2017

The very best in writing from the wonky world this week.

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The Media’s Impact on Ebola

Ebola has swept West Africa since first killing 23 Guineans in March 2014, stirring a sensationalist frenzy across the media, local populations, and the international community. Hospitals have closed, local health care workers have gone on strike, and aid workers have been attacked. The pandemonium generated by public fear has facilitated the disease’s spread, and can be partially blamed on

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Anti-Gay Legislation in Africa: A Closer Look

A three-day summit of more than 40 African leaders with the United States kicked off this week in Washington, and human rights activists are pressing the Obama administration to take this opportunity to address the rights of LGBT people. Out of the 76 countries in the world with explicit anti-gay laws (to put that into perspective, those 76 countries represent

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