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The Middle East Proxy War You Didn’t Know About

In August, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt carried out a series of secret airstrikes within Libya with the purpose of slowing down the advance of Islamist militias in Tripoli, specifically seeking to prevent them from taking over the international airport. The attacks caught the rest of the world by surprise, particularly the United States, who claimed that the

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How the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Gets Funding

As the Islamic State (IS) continues to try and establish a Caliphate within Syria and Iraq, one must ask how IS has been able to afford fighting against Kurdish, Iraqi, Syrian, and American forces all the while maintaining a territory that spans approximately 81,000 square miles between the two countries. IS is now considered by many to be the richest

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Analysis Paper: Tools for Trouncing Terrorism

Several tools have been developed in the attempt to eliminate terrorism around the world. Such tools range from security, development, financial, and legal measures, each ranging in effectiveness. This analysis paper assesses the effects of each measure and its impact on countering terrorism. Several conclusions can be drawn through the study of tools to eliminate terrorism. While many countries have

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