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Geopolitics, Energy Supply, and the Russian Military

In the past decade, Russia has grown increasingly bolder in flexing its military muscle amongst its allies and neighbors.

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Nord Stream II: Another Threat to the EU’s Fragile Unity

With a letter signed by eight EU governments objecting to Nord Stream II being delivered to Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, last month, it is clear that cleavages between member states are set to continue to hinder the EU’s progress towards “Energy Union” and serve as an additional challenge to the EU’s fragile unity which is already beset by the refugee crisis and the looming possibility of Brexit.

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Perpetual Conflicts: The New Face of Violence

Tragically, modern conflicts no longer end; they are caught in a perpetual cycle of enormous illicit profits, superficial interventions, and endemic violence.

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Destined For Failure: Why the War in Ukraine Will Not Be Solved This Week

On Wednesday, Germany and France will lead what Angela Merkel is calling “one further attempt” to bring the war in Eastern Ukraine to a diplomatic end. Yet this particular round of negotiations, much like its September 2014 predecessor that led to the signing of the Minsk Protocol, might be destined to fail before it even begins.

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Off-Ramp for Russia

Last week the United States and the European Union announced new sanctions targeting Russia’s financial industry, energy sector, and the trade of dual use technologies. As a response to the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the EU has rallied behind the United States’ previous efforts with these more expansive and hard-hitting sanctions. Earlier rounds of sanctions focused on specific

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